Colección Valzuela

Art Gallery in Madrid


Valzuela’s gallery space and web were born to open for trade our private Collection to other art lovers. The Collection was born in 1973, built over the last decades by a couple of passionate art enthusiasts, and that nowadays continues to grow.


Galería de Arte en Madrid Colección Valzuela


During more than 37 years, in search of pure joy, we searched for, selected and acquired old master pieces: silver, glass, objects, furniture, drawings, as well as modern and contemporary art. The pieces were found in art galleries, antique shops, artists’ studios, auction houses, and art fairs of countries and cities we visited for either personal or professional reasons.


Antiguedades, Anticuario, Arte en Madrid Colección Valzuela


Our purchases were passion-driven, often, just after a brief glimpse we knew whether to buy or not. This gave us a clear advantage, enabling us to make decisions very quickly and therefore able to secure better works.


They are selected to live with them, to incorporate them into our environment, to enjoy them... The Collection consists of works that cover the history from the sixteenth to twenty-first century. Freedom in the integration of styles, techniques and periods managed to increase the enjoyment and reward the desire of living with and for art.