Objects and Furniture

The result of a life searching for quality, beauty, uniqueness and origin…


In this section we include pieces dated between the XVI and XX centuries. It’s a diverse collection of objects and furniture, found in different cities and countries and acquired over the last four decades. The selection criteria remained constant: quality, beauty, uniqueness, and a sound origin (?) have been the essential attributes for a piece to be considered worthy of the collection.


Each and every piece has its own history, and each of them carry with them memories and instances of our own lives and personal history: the search and find, the decision and effort involved with each piece, and above all our passion to have them around us, to enjoy them and sense their presence. The provenance of some piece is linked to prestigious collections: Barón de Redé, Hôtel Lambert; Anne de La Planche de Ruillé, Château de Gallerande; French ambassador in Beijing (1840-1850), Colección X, St. Moritz…


* Venetian sculpture related to Antonio Lombardo (XVI Century), Marble plaque, italy (XVII Century), spanish plateresque and baroque planks (xvi and xvii centuries), North European and spanish wood carvings (XVIII centuries)

* French crockery XVIII Century, Lille, Saint-Amand-Les-Eaux, Rouen?

* Carrara and ivory sculptures (XVIII and XIX centuries), italian and French bronze statues

* “Grand Tour” Souvenirs in bronze, marbles and hard stones (XIX century)

* Collection of Chinese calligraphy brushes (1840-1850)

* Silver, mercury gilt bronze, shell, coral and amethyst Dragon by Hermann Ratzersdorfer, Viena (1817-1890)

* Charles IV, Louis XVI, Philip V... furniture. Twentieth century designs (Pierre Paulin).

* Mirrors: Louis XIV, Spanish Baroque (XVII); Italian Cornucopias (XVIII), Bergamo (Fantoni's style , XVIII), Italy (XVIII), Belgium (years 50-60)

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