Glass and Crystal

The Venetian influence, the royal manufacture of La Granja de

San Ildefonso, Bohemian style and France…


All civilizations have left us glass pieces that have lasted until the present times. The true glass production revolution was the discovery of the blowpipe. This essential tool has not evolved since its discovery and provided glass art with its unique style. From the XIII century, Venetians produce colourless glass and discover the secrets of enamelling.

Coleccion Valzuela includes a series of centre European Carlos III and IV glasses from the XVIII century (Bohemia, Novy Svet?) enamelled, saltshakers and cups from la Real Fábrica de La Granja (XVIII Y XIX centuries); carafe and prismatic bottles of La Granja de San Ildefonso (first third of XIX century); chiselled Baccarat bottles and with golden bronzes (Art Nouveu and Egyptian revival)

Crystal and Glass Online Catalogue

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