The encounter between Solomon and the queen of Sheba
of Guillermo Pérez Villalta at CAC Málaga

17-06-2011 / 09-10-2011 - Contemporary Art Center of Málaga


The painting from Colección Valzuela The encounter of Salomon and The Queen of Sheba, painted in 2007 by Guillermo Pérez Villalta, takes part in his solo exhibition La Metamorfosis y otros mitos (The Metamorphoses and other Mythologies) presented in the CAC of Málaga. The exhibition comprising a selection of works from the last decade by the Cádiz born artist . The artist has used Ovid's Metamorphoses as the basis for the exhibition: more tan 40 paintings and around of 20 drawings in the form of preparatory studies, never shown before, also focused on other recurring themes in his work including biblical stories, fights and battles, patriarchy and the myth of the artist.



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Guillermo Pérez Villalta
The encounter between Solomon and the queen of Sheba, 2007
Tempera on canvas
180 x 180 cm.
Colección Valzuela


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José Pedro Croft presents Marcacoes e terrtórios

6-5-2011/8-7-2011 - Chiado 8 in Lisbon


Portuguese artist Jose Pedro Croft presents in Lisbon a new exhibition displaying sculptures, drawings and, for first time, photographs. Marcações e territórios can be seen in Chiado 8 -Arte Contemporanea, a space lended by Fidelidade Mundial Insurance Company as part of the renovation project of this famous Lisbon neighbourhood.


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José Pedro Croft
Untitled, 2009
Acrylic on papel
120 x 160 cm.
Colección Valzuela


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George Condo Exhibition

26-1-2011/15-5-2011 - New Museum of New York

The New Museum of New York, in conjunction with London’s Hayward Gallery, presents a retrospective of the American artist George Condo. Set to open in January 2011, the exhibit will display Condo’s figurative paintings, as well as series of sculptures. The show will look at twenty five years of work by the artist, who is known as a portraitist with abstract and often humorous figures. The exhibition will be opened until 15th of May 2011 at New York’s New Museum, with planned stops next year in London, Frankfurt and Rotterdam.


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George Condo
Cardinal Construction, 1990
Pencil on paper
55,5 x 50 cm.
Colección Valzuela


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Best British Modern Sculpture

22-01-2011/ 07-04-2011 - Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts is presenting the first exhibition for 30 years to examine British sculpture of the twentieth century, with works of Henry Moore, Julian Opie, Damian Hirst, Phillip King o Alfred Gilbert among others. The exhibition takes a fresh approach, replacing the traditional survey with a provocative set of juxtapositions that will challenge the viewer to make new connections and break the mould of old conceptions.


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Julian Opie
Shahnoza dancing in sequined mini, left, 2007
Silkscreen on painted wooden board
100 x 54, 9 x 3 cm.
Colección Valzuela


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Moreover, others paintings by Julian Opie can be seen in two groupshows: DLA Piper Series: This is Sculpture, Tate  Liverpool, 1st May 2009- 1st April 2012; and 21st Century: Art in the first Decade, Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, 18th December 2010-  26th April 2011.


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Joan Cardells, Graphite, Waxes, Cellulose, Bronze

23-02-2011/ 01-05-2011 - Sala Parpalló de la Diputación de Valencia

Individual exhibition presenting a survey of the world of the Valencian artist, providing a reflection based on an elaborate process of investigation of materials and concepts, determined by a careful, elegant simplicity, which now sets aside fibre cement and cast iron in order to concentrate principally on graphite, bronze and cellulose and introduce the novelty of wax.


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Joan Cardells
Untitled, 1994
Watercolor on Paper
44 x 32 cm.
Colección Valzuela


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